Playlists I use to focus and feel awesome.


Productive Zone Flow, focus and productive work · 190 songs · 13hr 2 min

I highly recommend this playlist if you do creative work. It's been my secret sauce for stimulating flow, focus and productivity. It's mostly instrumental electronic tracks.

Dope Hip hop · 123 songs · 7hr 45 min

Some hip hop really takes you under the skin of a person's truths and culture, and some are just dope. That's the type of tracks I've tried to collect here.

Old Gold Classics that still rock · 69 songs · 5hr 52 min

I like the authenticity in older tracks. Especially Dire Straits!

Zen Meditations and calming the mind · 46 songs · 4hr 16 min

Use this for meditating and calming down. Love this on mornings.

True Intent Coffeejoint I For restaurants, bar and coffee shops · 23 songs · 1 hr 42 min

This True Intent playlist has some solid background tunes.